Introducing Aposh Tiles: Unraveling the Enchanting Facts about Handcrafted Cement Tiles 
At Aposh Tiles, we are passionate about bringing color, fun, and trendiness to your interior design. While you may already be familiar with cement tiles, there's so much more to discover about these little squares (and hexagons, rectangles, and arabesques)! Get ready to be captivated as we unveil 12 intriguing facts about Aposh cement tiles.
Did you know that Handcrafted Cement Tiles, often referred to as Cuban tiles, have their origins in Catalonia, a region of Spain bordering France, in the late 1850s? Their design prowess was officially showcased at the 1867 Paris International Exposition, capturing the hearts of participants and spreading rapidly across Europe and eventually reaching the Caribbean, including Cuba. Today, Aposh cement tiles remain synonymous with Mediterranean, Spanish, and Caribbean designs.
Handmade Artistry by Aposh:
At Aposh Tiles, we take pride in preserving the time-honored craftsmanship of cement tile production. Each Aposh tile is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring a unique piece of art in every tile. Our process involves creating a cookie-cutter-like mold, pouring pigmented cement into each section, and topping it off with a mixture of portland cement, sand, and marble powder for a durable backing. After pressing with 2,000 psi of pressure, each tile is cured for 11 days, meticulously inspected for the highest quality, and carefully delivered to your project.
Energy-Free & Sustainable by Aposh:
Aposh Tiles distinguishes itself by maintaining an energy-free production process for our cement tiles, unlike traditional ceramic tiles that require kiln firing. This sustainable and eco-friendly approach dates back to the late 1800s when running a kiln was expensive. Today, our commitment to this energy-efficient method reflects our dedication to a greener planet.
Customisation- Aposh Puts Your Imagination to Work:
At Aposh Tiles, we love the art of creating new patterns and color combinations. Since each tile is crafted by hand, we invite you to unleash your creativity and design a tile that is entirely unique to you. Your imagination knows no bounds when collaborating with Aposh to bring your dream tile to life.
Specialized Installation - Aposh's Expertise:
Due to their unique cement make, Aposh cement tiles require specialized grouts and sealers during installation. Traditional grouts can be problematic as cement tiles can absorb colored pigments. Instead, we recommend using quartz-based grouts, which derive their colors naturally from quartz aggregates. After installation, sealing is essential to prevent water absorption and staining. 
Durability Meets Porous Beauty:
Aposh cement tiles are a perfect blend of durability and elegance. Pressed with 2,000 psi of pressure during production, these tiles are compacted to withstand the test of time. Their strength makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use in high-traffic areas.
Water-Resistant Elegance
Once properly sealed, Aposh cement tiles exhibit water-resistant properties, making them suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms, showers, kitchens, and pool decks. However, submerged settings like fountains or pools are not recommended, as constant water exposure without proper drainage may cause surface erosion. 
Aposh Tiles Embrace the Outdoors
Aposh cement tiles' durability and non-slip characteristics when wet make them a versatile choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Adorning historic homes, they grace courtyards, retaining their beauty for generations. For seamless design continuity, consider extending the same Aposh tile pattern from the interior to your exterior patio.
Effortless Maintenance by Aposh:
One delightful surprise about Aposh cement tiles is how easy they are to maintain. Once installed and sealed, they require minimal care. A pH-neutral cleaner is recommended for cleaning (avoid ammonia, bleach, or vinegar). In the event of scratches, a simple buffing with 220 grit sandpaper can restore their pristine appearance.
Aposh's Commitment to Sustainability:
Beyond the energy-efficient production process, Aposh Tiles demonstrates its commitment to sustainability by ensuring that cement tiles are fully recyclable. Accidents at our factory become opportunities as we grind up broken tiles into cement powder, breathing new life into their beauty.
Captivating Beauty by Aposh:
Lastly, Aposh Tiles stands as a testament to captivating beauty. Our legacy of 5 decades of our parent group, Kirti Tiles adds vibrant touch to a design world that once leaned toward neutrality. Today, thousands of homeowners have infused their spaces with lively vibes by incorporating Aposh Tiles, creating unique and delightful environments.

Have you elevated your space and life with Aposh Tiles? We'd love to witness your creations! Share your Aposh Tile-adorned spaces with us and join the celebration of creativity and enchanting beauty.

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