When you choose a cement tile roof from Kirti Thermostat product, you are choosing years of protection and peace of mind. Tested to the highest of industry standards, a properly installed thermostat tile roof will withstand the harshest weathers such as rain, snow, high wind, and scorching heat while remaining aesthetically beautiful.

Kirti Tiles has developed cool roof & wall tile solutions by introducing their Thermostat SRI tiles.  Produced through a careful combination of four natural products – sand, cement, water, and iron oxide, thermostat tiles are incredibly resilient withstanding the harshest of weather elements. 

Lifespan and Affordability

Thermostat roof tile is incredibly durable and is intended to last the life of the structure it is on, making the full life-cycle cost of the roof quite affordable when compared to other roofing materials. It is an excellent insulator, keeping your home or commercial building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, helping reduce energy costs.

Can only a white matte tile make the spaces cool?

White colour per se has better solar reflective qualities, but the innovative eyes and quality hands of Kirti's thermostat tiles make the indoor spaces cool with due credit to the materials used in making these tiles irrespective of the tile colour. 

So Yes! They can be made in other light colours with a little lesser SRI value.

What is SRI?

SRI stands for Solar Reflectance Index, that measures the surface's ability to reflect solar heat and emit thermal radiation out. Kirti Thermostat SRI tiles reflects the solar heat and emits absorbed radiation back into the atmosphere thus help keep the interiors of the building cooler. Kirti Thermostat SRI Tiles in white colour have an SRI value, much higher than other whiter-looking paints, tiles, or other materials.

Thermostat Tiles, when laid on the roof and facades of the building can reduce inside temperature by 12 to 15%.

Benefits of Kirti Thermostat tiles

  • Anti-Skid Tiles
  • Reduces the surface temperature by 12 to 15%
  • These tiles enable soundproof spaces.
  • Ensures Waterproofing when applied on terraces.
  • Improves indoor comfort keeping the surface within cool in summers and warm in winters
  • Reduces the cooling requirement, hence saves electricity
  • Reduce conduction of heat into the building
  • Helps fight global warming 
  • Saves the environment


Areas of Application:

Available in a satin matte finish with an anti-skid feature making them aptly applicable for:

  • Roofs of Residences/industries
  • Pilgrimage Centres roofs/pathways
  • Balconies
  • Exterior cladding
  • Pavements
  • Any wall of the building directly exposed to the sun



They come in a convenient size of 

  • 250*250mm
  • 300*300mm
  • 400*400mm
  • 500*500mm 



  • Floor tiles: 2cm
  • Wall Cladding Tiles: 1cm

Lay these thermostat Tiles out on your terrace, your balcony or exterior walls in homes, industries or pilgrimage centres and enjoy the cool comforts in summers and warmth in winters, while saving on electricity bills for years to come.

Discover the cool roofs without any tools now!


The effectiveness & reduction in surface temperature after installation of Kirti Thermostat tiles may vary from place to place depending on exposed temperature & changing climatic conditions.

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